Latest Submissions


I haven’t submitted any writing since the summer, this month I have gone back to the desk (not strictly true as I don’t have one yet!)
I made a 100 Flash Submission to the Reader’s Digest Competition earlier this month. My 16th submission this year.
 rd1 This is the competition I posted a poll about as there was some question over copyright. I posted a similar question via social media and was assured by what some writers said and at the end of the day, the only bad thing will be not realising when my work is published.
They retain copyright (which is unusual) but they say it to use for advertising or future publications, generally the latter if last year was anything to go by. If I am lucky though I win the cash prize or runner up book tokens.


And tonight I spent the time between the shower and getting ready for the Book Launch writing poetry.

1 emmap
I managed to finish before the deadline, speed edit and send emails full of hope to the next two anthologies planned by Emmapress for publishing next year.
7 poems in total, 2 more submissions, that’s 18 this year. I wonder if I will make it to 20?


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