SpeakEasy – Another Great Night of Talent!



decs I have been looking forward to this month’s SpeakEasy since last month. Even though this event is in the City, I feel it is my ‘home’ event and have enjoyed it since the relaunch and rebranding of the night, back in October.

As I performed last month I had to hope for an open mic spot, do415com open mic I was lucky and managed to get one on the night. We arrived a little early to try to make sure that there was room to perform. I had only taken 1 poem and would still have enjoyed it even if I hadn’t been able to join in. It was a fabulous ‘last one before Christmas’ and there were some new faces taking to the mic, which is always a bonus and they all seemed to enjoy it!WLF Sp Easy

speasy flyerThe line up was great and I was excited to find Brenda Read-Brown was headlining. I last saw her at BLF where she hosted and performed Postcard Poets – which our MC, Fergus McGonigal was also a performed there. As it was an expensive few days on tickets and books at the BLF I hadn’t got enough money to buy her book. It’s £10 but has 400x poems in it! I was delighted to be able to buy a copy and also get it signed.

She finished the night off with an amazing set. She was the Poet Laureate for Gloucester in 2012 and if you ever have a chance to see her GO! She is awesome – in the true sense of the meaning!


It was a superb night with a range of spoken word, I shared the ‘Happiest Moment’ poem. about the birth of my eldest nephew! It was received well. Can’t wait for next month now.


gingerbread Merry Christmas SpeakEasy!


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