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Mouth and Music 23



I found out about Heather Wastie’s monthly event (a night of music and the Spoken Word) when I met her back in September. I have never been able to go – but had the final gig of the year booked in my diary in November. (It is the first of 3 spoken word events this week – although the one at the end of the week is questionable as I spent last weekend asleep and cannot do that this week as we have plans!)
It is tomorrow night.
I worked today and got home around 6pm (very late in this new work-life, scary to think it would have been early in the old one!)
Tomorrow I have a full day at work and then some other engagements late afternoon before rushing home to don my fancy dress and make my face up and get out to this gig!
I am hoping I can catch up with blogs and posts on here on Wednesday – I usually am very good at responding quickly but I just need a day or two of grace this week. Keep posting though- I read your comments and will reply a.s.a.p.
42 flash
For our last Mouth and Music of the year, we welcome wacky Worcestershire Poet Laureate and musician Tim Cranmore who will entertain us with poetry – and a carrot. Tim has performed across the UK and on TV with the London Vegetable Orchestra playing a variety of vegetables and is skilled at turning carrots in particular into fully functioning, if short-lived, instruments.
Also featured is a popular Mouth and Music regular – singer/songwriter Humdrum Express, with his “up-tempo exasperation, poetic put-dow…ns and bitter-sweet tales of delusion.”
This month’s MC is Sarah Tamar.
The theme for the evening is PANTOMIME and there will be a prize for the best fancy dress.
I came up with my Pantomime themed fancy dress on Friday – including SEVERAL hours that I should have spent writing researching make-up tutorials for the character. Tonight I did the important task – I wrote 2 poems especially for the event – the 1st took and hour and the 2nd 20 minutes – they both rhyme which I don’t tend to do.
Need to add a couple to the set in case I am lucky enough to arrive in time for a 5 minute set! Oh, yes please!