Daily Archives: December 7, 2013

A catch Up Day


Catching up on sleep
Catching up on reading
articles from last month’s magazine
Catching up with life on the screen
Reading other’s words
Watching programmes we have waited
until now to see
a free hour,
a free day.
I use most of it sleeping
and am left with a list
of things I wanted to do
Without any ticks.
I catch myself
achieving everything,
in my mind.

I didn’t mean to leave this post as a poem, it just came out this way.
Mr G (who hasn’t spent the day sleep hibernating like me) is now asleep and I am wide awake (having spent the morning asleep and a 3 hour siesta this afternoon) and desperately trying to catch up in blogland and online generally!

Jam Packed Friday!


alarm-clockI worked all day and had great fun, then I came home for about half an hour, ate food (nothing much left for lunch) and then got ready to see friends in town with Mr G.
Then came home had some proper food and was out to Stanza – fortunately with a lift (thank you Ian), so no navigation problems although it took us a while to park.

An inspiring evening with such a great mix of material and wonderful goodies spread (thanks Mark) I gained a lot of helpful advice from tonight’s session and was even able to offer some valuable criticism to others.pencil paper freestock

Tonight I have hopped online to catch up on the blog, write for some challenges and read other entries across blogs that I have neglected due to time constraints/ NaNoWriMo!

I have managed a new FWF – Freewrite Fridayfwf-badge-pink
a new FSF – Five Sentence Fiction and someNewFSFBadge-1
reading/ blogging across the WP community. laptop

It will be bedtime soon and the real writing work will start tomorrow! 🙂 lanegan 011