FWF – Free Write Friday: Bare Truth


This is last week’s prompt:


Here is your FWF prompt:

Source: We Heart It

Source: We Heart It


Fearless childhood

A time when all things were possible

When parents were there to catch you

if you fell,

And stumble you did, often

and it was okay, because you were just learning

trying things for the first time,

exploring and discovering in equal ratio.


Then you had to grow up and you began to fear

all sorts of things

and some of them were real and could hurt you

and others existed in your over-active imagination,

the bit of you that refused to grow up.


You learnt to calm yourself down

and patch up your own wounds,

hide the scars of failure,

falling down again and again.


Nowadays, you would

run from a bear,

despite knowing

the best

thing to do

is to

stand still.


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