Living the Dream Vs Hibernation


Today has been bitterly cold, sometimes rainy and extremely windy! I am off to work in a bit but had the morning off. I didn’t sleep in, I was awake before 7AM,

author_fuel_greeting_card-rdd5bef2736024fb4880dc3b6eca7b7f5_xvuak_8byvr_325I did go back to bed (in the warm) with an espresso and a Poetry magazine.


I got up and had breakfast and made a start on business email (plan was to attack the action plan today). I got side tracked on social networks about the fantastic Black Pear Books Launch last night, an anthology has so many writers’ to catch up with the next day.

I also spent some time dealing with estate agents. (Meh!)


Then I trundled back to the warmth of bed to read Magma and drink coffee… my middle name should be Goldilocks, you guessed it, I fell asleep. (Always in need of catch up!)


Since then I have managed to catch up on the blog and think about what I should be writing. Some of my proposed deadlines are only about 10 xmas1 snowmendays away – sounds lots but I am working half of that and attending up to 5 poetry events too. That’s leaves me about 2 days and if that falls over the weekend possibly 1… not to mention Christmas shopping! Eek!


Off out to work now after a whole writing day of not writing but sleeping….
 AWF night writeI will have to work hard on it tonight!

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