An Evening at the Screen


I am spending the evening;

  • researching
  • working through the past 3 days worth of jobs lists on the December Action Plan
  • Attempting to read the 2nd part of Magma – as I have to give it back tomorrow night at the next Stanza meeting – I have had it for months too long already!
  • Catching up online with social media – especially that linking me into the writing world.
  • Forgetting about the pile of dirty dishes needing attention and the fact I have to be up early for work tomorrow.


Writers skin on…. let’s see what I can get done in the next 2 hours!

Jack Canfield posted this picture this evening and I have already shared it as a status message… worth keeping hold of and not giving up! COME ON! This year deserves one final PUSH … let’s see what we can achieve!


11:30 pm UPDATE timer

I mainly did;

  • researching
  • working through the past 3 days worth of jobs lists on the December Action Plan

I nipped onto social media to send 1 message and a status update not dissimilar to the POLL post here, a question of copyright.

I have spent about half an hour longer in front of the screen trying to find inspiration for a title. I worked through half of the outstanding ACTIONS on my plan, now I see why I needed the whole day!

I have saved fact sheets, signed up to newsletters, explored 4 websites, researched two areas and worked on a current submission.

Now completed, edited, proof read and READY!


The rest will have to wait until the weekend now, as I am working tomorrow and then going to wear my poet/editors hat and go to Stanza, 2012 brighton 625I have a lot of work and events next week – including one in fancy dress (I can blame at least an hour of lost writing time on make up tutorials and costume searches!)



I MUST ACTION MY WRITING IN 24HRS! (Or 32… let’s allow sleeping time too!)


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  1. Great post. I shared the motivational photo you posted here to Reddit 🙂 Also, what are these links into the writing world you speak of when referring to social media? Following writers and the like?

    • I am glad you shared the inspiration. It is important to remember that success often follows a lot of trial, tribulation and hard work – the behind the scenes we never see!
      I am fairly pleased with tonight so far in just over an hour I have ticked 4 research sites off my list and only hopped onto social media to post the copyright question – now on the blog (WITH A POLL!) I have met a few writers’ this year with all the lectures, workshops and events many are happy to have a fan base add on Facebook, I was referring to people I know from last night’s book launch who are updating I think. And also reading status updates from writers relieves that guilt of being on social media instead of behind the pen – because it feels useful…. 😉

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