A Question for You, With a POLL


Feel free to answer in comment boxes too – I know some followers love a poll…here’s the issue;

Would you enter a competition where the publishers own the copyright of your work automatically?
I was getting really excited about a Flash Fiction Competition – there is only 1 financial prize to be won – and I am sure 1000’s will enter…
I am new to the form this year.

I do not object to my writing being used in the publication/ advertising – I have not found out if there is even an author credit though…

Writers’ have told me it is OKAY to do free and be free a few times early on in your career. Is this one of those or

does it smell a bit ><((((0>y??! Please help!

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  1. Sounds like those recruitment agencies that insist on working with you thru’ linkedin.Then you find they’ve publicised your CV or someone’s added it to their LinkedIn page with someone else’s name on it!

  2. That doesn’t sound quite right to me. To my knowledge (and In my experience), the copyright remains with the author. Some competitions may have the right to use your work, i.e. publish, broadcast, promote, etc., for a period of time after winning, but don’t take over copyright. I would question this.

  3. I’m assuming you mean that they get the copyright just because you’ve entered? I did that once and thought better of it after. I would consider it if they got the copyright when I won, though most places I’ve submitted to either placed a time limit on it or just said it was the first serial rights. Getting the copyright just because you entered it sounds hinky to me.

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