A Great Night at The Black Pear Book Launch


I have had the most wonderful evening amongst writing friends and discovered some new writers this evening too. The event was a great success and the food – provided by the spouses of the contributors was amazing and a real treat. bp

My book was signed by 13 of the 14 writers whose work appears in it bp2– Tim wasn’t able to make the event, Tony Judge read an extract from his story though. It was a brilliant idea listening to just 300 words snippets of the stories we have bought. A well produced book too and impressively on lovely silky – you would never believe it was recycled -recycled paper!
And the greatest hope to everyone in the room was the mention of VOLUME 1 on the cover! 🙂



It was great to mingle afterwards and talk to lots of people and meet people for the first time! bp5

And hopefully at the next launch we will also be able to buy book bags and t-shirts with the Black Pear Logo (although I am not sure how Mike’s T-shirt can be created?!) He calls the publishing house by another name! bp4

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