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A Question for You, With a POLL


Feel free to answer in comment boxes too – I know some followers love a poll…here’s the issue;

Would you enter a competition where the publishers own the copyright of your work automatically?
I was getting really excited about a Flash Fiction Competition – there is only 1 financial prize to be won – and I am sure 1000’s will enter…
I am new to the form this year.

I do not object to my writing being used in the publication/ advertising – I have not found out if there is even an author credit though…

Writers’ have told me it is OKAY to do free and be free a few times early on in your career. Is this one of those or

does it smell a bit ><((((0>y??! Please help!

An Evening at the Screen


I am spending the evening;

  • researching
  • working through the past 3 days worth of jobs lists on the December Action Plan
  • Attempting to read the 2nd part of Magma – as I have to give it back tomorrow night at the next Stanza meeting – I have had it for months too long already!
  • Catching up online with social media – especially that linking me into the writing world.
  • Forgetting about the pile of dirty dishes needing attention and the fact I have to be up early for work tomorrow.


Writers skin on…. let’s see what I can get done in the next 2 hours!

Jack Canfield posted this picture this evening and I have already shared it as a status message… worth keeping hold of and not giving up! COME ON! This year deserves one final PUSH … let’s see what we can achieve!


11:30 pm UPDATE timer

I mainly did;

  • researching
  • working through the past 3 days worth of jobs lists on the December Action Plan

I nipped onto social media to send 1 message and a status update not dissimilar to the POLL post here, a question of copyright.

I have spent about half an hour longer in front of the screen trying to find inspiration for a title. I worked through half of the outstanding ACTIONS on my plan, now I see why I needed the whole day!

I have saved fact sheets, signed up to newsletters, explored 4 websites, researched two areas and worked on a current submission.

Now completed, edited, proof read and READY!


The rest will have to wait until the weekend now, as I am working tomorrow and then going to wear my poet/editors hat and go to Stanza, 2012 brighton 625I have a lot of work and events next week – including one in fancy dress (I can blame at least an hour of lost writing time on make up tutorials and costume searches!)



I MUST ACTION MY WRITING IN 24HRS! (Or 32… let’s allow sleeping time too!)


Living the Dream Vs Hibernation


Today has been bitterly cold, sometimes rainy and extremely windy! I am off to work in a bit but had the morning off. I didn’t sleep in, I was awake before 7AM,

author_fuel_greeting_card-rdd5bef2736024fb4880dc3b6eca7b7f5_xvuak_8byvr_325I did go back to bed (in the warm) with an espresso and a Poetry magazine.


I got up and had breakfast and made a start on business email (plan was to attack the action plan today). I got side tracked on social networks about the fantastic Black Pear Books Launch last night, an anthology has so many writers’ to catch up with the next day.

I also spent some time dealing with estate agents. (Meh!)


Then I trundled back to the warmth of bed to read Magma and drink coffee… my middle name should be Goldilocks, you guessed it, I fell asleep. (Always in need of catch up!)


Since then I have managed to catch up on the blog and think about what I should be writing. Some of my proposed deadlines are only about 10 xmas1 snowmendays away – sounds lots but I am working half of that and attending up to 5 poetry events too. That’s leaves me about 2 days and if that falls over the weekend possibly 1… not to mention Christmas shopping! Eek!


Off out to work now after a whole writing day of not writing but sleeping….
 AWF night writeI will have to work hard on it tonight!

A Great Night at The Black Pear Book Launch


I have had the most wonderful evening amongst writing friends and discovered some new writers this evening too. The event was a great success and the food – provided by the spouses of the contributors was amazing and a real treat. bp

My book was signed by 13 of the 14 writers whose work appears in it bp2– Tim wasn’t able to make the event, Tony Judge read an extract from his story though. It was a brilliant idea listening to just 300 words snippets of the stories we have bought. A well produced book too and impressively on lovely silky – you would never believe it was recycled -recycled paper!
And the greatest hope to everyone in the room was the mention of VOLUME 1 on the cover! 🙂



It was great to mingle afterwards and talk to lots of people and meet people for the first time! bp5

And hopefully at the next launch we will also be able to buy book bags and t-shirts with the Black Pear Logo (although I am not sure how Mike’s T-shirt can be created?!) He calls the publishing house by another name! bp4