Friday Fictioneers – Bohemian Business


I am so delighted to be back with the challenges this week – I haven’t written flash fiction for ages, although last week I did perform extended versions (300 words) of flashes I wrote for Rochelle’s challenge. It is much harder to perform a flash than a poem!

Here’s the prompt for this week, click the icon to discover more! friday-fictioneers
Copyright -Randy Mazie
Copyright -Randy Mazie

Ornate bars and wild flowers on the outside, wooden planks nailed from the inside let horizontal shafts of light through. Tam started the group with three others, now they attracted quite a crowd.

Artists were happy in humble surroundings, glad of somewhere to share their work. It was bohemian with a capital B. For an afternoon of spoken word Tam charged ยฃ3.00, he provided old mugs for the ‘bring your own’ drinks. No one questioned the fee.

What they didn’t know was this was where Tam lived. He counted his money. Nearly enough to take him on the Writers’ Retreat!





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  1. Dear Neens,

    Again, it’s nice to see you back in the FFold. Tam’s story is bittersweet, but I think the enterprising young man will write his way out.
    “What they didnโ€™t know was this is where Tam lived. He counted his money. Nearly enough to take him on the Writersโ€™ Retreat!” There seems to be a bit of tense confusion here. Should it be “this was where Tam lived”?
    Good one, nonetheless.



  2. I could see the Bohemian charm of a place like that. I might even pay to go there. I think Tam is on to something, although it’s a lot to sacrifice for a writer’s retreat. All for one’s art, right?

    • ๐Ÿ˜‰ at least you can look good on it! My reality is a poverty stricken artist too – I could only dream of being this devious, fictional characters also do what I would only dare to dream! Lil’ rascals!

    • Laughing this end, bad Rochelle ๐Ÿ˜‰ hope you enjoyed your retreat – I host a free one on this blog in October who all those who don’t want to fund through devious ploy … & ours is free! INKSPILL – stick it in your diary Oct 2014!

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  4. well done, and i hope to someday go on a writers retreat too, though not this one in this particular place and time. in this line, “…What they didnโ€™t know was…” you can replace all of these words with “however,” and save yourself four more words for more description.

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