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Your Gift


Written for Poetry Jam Challenge – a new one I have just discovered over on BlogSpot.
Click the link to find out more. http://poetryjaam.blogspot.fr/

You play the saxophone as if you were born with a reed in your mouth,
Even at your mother’s funeral you perform without
a note displaced.
You play a piece your mother used to sing along to
on the radio,
a song that as a boy you believed belonged to her.
There is not a dry eye in the Church
and yet, like the musicians on the Titanic,
You play on,
Wrapped in an invisible embrace.
Touched by music the power dilutes to us.
Emotions carried through F sharps and B minors,
I watch your face.
Eyes closed.
Breathing through the silver saxophone.
Like an iron lung it supports you and gives you life.

The father in that musician is the one
I dreamt of having.
Getting to know you off stave, a more complicated notation.
I realise now it is music you belong to.
A parentless man
destined to share his final breath
with a woodwind instrument.
The same mouth rarely tells me of love
or unconditional feelings.
I have to let you carry me with melody alone.

Friday Fictioneers – Bohemian Business


I am so delighted to be back with the challenges this week – I haven’t written flash fiction for ages, although last week I did perform extended versions (300 words) of flashes I wrote for Rochelle’s challenge. It is much harder to perform a flash than a poem!

Here’s the prompt for this week, click the icon to discover more! friday-fictioneers
Copyright -Randy Mazie
Copyright -Randy Mazie

Ornate bars and wild flowers on the outside, wooden planks nailed from the inside let horizontal shafts of light through. Tam started the group with three others, now they attracted quite a crowd.

Artists were happy in humble surroundings, glad of somewhere to share their work. It was bohemian with a capital B. For an afternoon of spoken word Tam charged £3.00, he provided old mugs for the ‘bring your own’ drinks. No one questioned the fee.

What they didn’t know was this was where Tam lived. He counted his money. Nearly enough to take him on the Writers’ Retreat!





Black Pear Book Launch


Two book launches in one week! WOW! I have arrived 🙂 I was invited to this one a while ago and have been looking forward to it for weeks.

Here’s the press release:

black pear
The stories in the anthology reflect the diverse talents of people living and writing in Worcestershire, the Black Pear County.

Black Pear Press will regularly publish novels, poetry and short stories, with some of its publications originating from the Worcestershire LitFest & Fringe.

We will provide a glass of wine (or alternative) for everyone who attends with some homemade savoury and sweet snacks courtesy of our writers. There will be a 300-word extract from each contributor with the exception of Tim Butler who had a prior engagement. Following the readings there will be book signings. We hope you’ll relax and enjoy a chat with all who’ve been involved 🙂

The writers / readers are:
Tony Judge (reading for Tim Butler)
Mike Alma
Kevin Brooke
Alan Durham
Tana Durham
Rod Griffiths
Tony Judge
Andy Kirk
Damon Lord
Alison May
Andrew Owens
Dunstan Power
Polly Robinson
Suz Winspear



I am looking forward to it and it should be a fantastic evening. Lots of my new poetry friends have stories in this publication AND they are serving snacks! WOW! I just have to get through work, a meeting with the Estate Agent and rush hour traffic first!

Should be a great night, which of course I will blog about later.