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Since the beginning of the month I have been trying to enter into the Christmas Spirit. As always I have left everything to the last minute and must start Christmas Shopping and making holiday plans. xmas 1 sidebar
I am trying to squeeze as much work in as possible before the fortnight break at the end of the month. We have family birthdays before Christmas Eve and for the first time EVER Mr G and I are having our first Christmas at home together but we are also hosting the Family Christmas Dinner.
To get me into the Christmas Spirit I have started a Countdown on Social Networks trying to find something Christmassy to write about everyday.

Mr G surprised me last week with an Advent Calendar and we had fun filling them up over the weekend. And now we are sharing the fun of opening them.
xmas 1 green tree I have arranged for my youngest nephew (5) to help decorate the tree and room for Christmas, but we don’t do that until 12 days before Christmas, or a little sooner if I am free.

Today I worked in school (this is where the observations kick in) and as with tradition with most schools the decorations go up for the beginning of December – and come down just after the children leave (taking down decs BEFORE Christmas is so depressing!) It was lovely walking in and seeing the brightly decorated Christmas Trees and knitted Nativity Figures, it made me feel happy.
Of course it just makes the kids hyper and excited – especially as they are also learning Christmas songs and rehearsing Nativity Plays and Christmas shows. We have 3 weeks of this… or at least I would have, if I had stayed in my job.

I miss this time of year in School, the team bonding and the joys of the Season. However, I know I made the right decision when I turned down a 4 week contract (before Christmas, with the excitement, extra activities, my own Christmas Prep, writing, book launches, performances etc – there just wouldn’t be time)! start time

And this led me to thinking… about listening to the wisdom of your inner voice.
Life is too short for you to ignore your calling or waste your talents.
The greatest gift xmas 1 star we can give ourselves this Christmas is HONESTY.

When was the last time you really threw yourself into something, heart and soul? In our modern culture, we keep ourselves at a distance from the wholeheartedness that is actually so life affirming.

We seem to feel that if we are not judging others, we are being judged. We fear failure and being seen as stupid. But that keeps us small. Wholehearted people are charismatic and magnetic and challenge us to raise our game.

©2013 Finding a Career with Meaning

This was in an email I deleted today whilst sending out my writing business emails. Funny how you sometimes read things at the exact moment you need to see them, isn’t it?

I am still unsure where this new life will take me, but I know I made the right choice.

Merry Christmas Slice #1sols_6

Written for SOLC Slice of Life Challenge – On Two Writing Teachers Blog, click the icon and find out more!

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    • Yes. What I didn’t write in this slice is that my life/inner spirit had begged me to do this for about 13 years and also how I struggled for 7 years to tear myself away from my previous post. A post which the universe threw a hand at, such as redundancy, victimisation, challenging classes without support, etc. etc. and still I blindly battled on, ignoring my calling.

      If it’s the right decision it will be supported.
      It is great to feel alive AND get back that excitement of teaching, which had become lost under the politics and pressure!

  1. I have ignored that inner voice before and regretted it. Thanks for this reminder to take the time to stop and listen and be confident about what we know is best for ourselves and our families!

    • I have ignored my inner voice so many times, believing that I knew better. But this time it YELLED DOWN MY EAR HOLE and practically showed me the outcome of treading water (in a Scrooge, Christmas Carol type way!) It created Hobson’s choice and so I HAD TO LISTEN and jump! But I am so glad I did!
      This inner voice NEVER lies to you, it is worth bearing that in mind.
      I jumped with a parachute of fear, but just moments after my feet touched new ground I could see that I was in the right wonderland for me.

    • Bless you, thanks Tara. I guess life throws these changes our way – I have only experienced a few (I can count them on one hand) and only 2 of them were directed and caused by me – the others were life changing but in ways beyond my power.
      I am so glad I chose to jump in doing so, I choose life!

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