December Begins…


hello dec© Copyright 2013

So December arrives and I sleep – a whole day of hibernation. After the party (my Gran’s 90th) I think I was exhausted. Plus Mr G and I stayed up until the small hours.

At first I slept until 1pm and then I fell asleep and went back to sleep at 6pm, I have been up since 9pm and need to go to bed soon to make sure my body clock is right for tomorrow.

I have tomorrow off work and then have a full working week after.

Tomorrow I have a meeting I have been invited to in the city with a regional network about short story commissions, I am attending a book launch on Wednesday, have a Stanza meeting (Poetry Society) on Friday. There are several events which I may/ may not attend to watch/ perform poetry – depends if I get my energy levels up! I have to write some new material too and am enjoying writing for the blog challenges again too.

As far as Christmas Countdown goes – I am excited – I am like a kid at Christmas time.

Today we opened our wooden drawers in our Advent Calendars – Mr G surprised me last week with a Santa Sleigh Wooden Advent Calendar complete with surprises in every drawer. And he has a wooden reindeer which I enjoyed filling before the weekend. Sometime last week he jokingly commented that I should write Christmas cracker jokes (implying that mine were just as bad.) So with a little online research I filled his with Christmas cracker jokes and treats.

He had a build the burger sweet which in 3 parts only just fitted in the drawer and this joke:

Name a bird that writes?

To which he answered; ‘You’ which is funny, but wasn’t the true answer.

I got a Roses chocolate and a blank scrabble tile … intriguing.

xmas1 chalk tree

I felt a bit Christmassy – especially as there were so many people today on social networks posting images of their Christmas trees and kids in elf costumes. We watched a Christmassy film and I looked up a Christmas fudge recipe.



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