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Picture & Write


pictureitandwrite2copy-12 It has been too long since I had a chance to take part in the challenges on other blogs – thanks to NaNoWriM0 – and now it is December, I am looking forward to spreading my word wings once again.

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When I cannot hold my head up,

she is there

When the road seems trodden and endless,

she is there


When I cannot move forward

I feel her gentle encouragement

pushing me onwards.


There is a hole in my heart

She left behind,

A chasm only she can fill

A place where she once stood,

ground danced to dust.


For better or worse

For richer for poorer,


Until death do us part.


You promised, my flower,

you took my heart

to your grave

you took a small part of me,


Willingly I let you keep it

I don’t need it now.

Every step forward

pains me


I feel you

there beside me,

Pushing me gently on.