November 2013 Summary


I cannot believe it is already the end of November – it only seems a minute since the 1st… guess life goes fast when you are writing for NaNoWriMo… so how did the rest of the month pan out?

Submissions: 0

I really need to get back onto the action plan and send work out but this month has been all about writing and performing.


Following INKSPILL we had a surge of new followers and the Short Stories Writing Tips post continues to be the most popular on the blog, visited and read by over 20 people a day!

I had a secret wish in April – regarding the number of people who would be following AWF by the end of the year and we are so close. I hope we make it!

Followers 533



I was attempting 3 writing challenges this month; NaNoWriMo, Writers Digest PAD challenge (poems) and PiBoWriMo (Picture books) I only managed to complete 1, Nanowrimo win and now have half a novel (51,370 words) to work on next year or possibly reproduce in a collection of short stories and or poems.


Exciting writing adventures;

I performed at Poets for Peace at the ORT for remembrance day Peace

I did my debut performance at SpeakEasy in Worcester. SpeakEasy

I attended a Stanza meeting. (Poetry Society)

I got lost in Oxford and missed a workshop and book launch poetry event Lost Weekend

I performed at Purple Penumbra at the Old Rep Theatre in Sandwell. Performing

I went to the Writers’ Toolkit Conference event at Birmingham Ormiston Academy Toolkit

I performed at Sunday Xpress in Digbeth on the launch of Miss Halliwell’s new CD Sunday Xpress

I performed flash fiction for the first time at Drummonds 42 Flash event in Worcester. 42 Flashes

I attended a book launch by Maurice Riordan and Andrea France at Waterstones Birmingham. book launch


It has been an amazing month and I have spent sometime every week in my writing skin, sometimes for an entire weekend!


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