A Birthday Party for a very Special Lady!


My Gran is having a very special party today to celebrate her 90th!

We asked her what she wanted – my brothers and I are planning on taking her out for a day somewhere she wants to go. She has suggested BUNGEE JUMPING as something she has never done!

We are planning to put a clause in that prevents her from choosing an experience that will turn her grandkids and great grandkids grey!

What a woman!

Privileged to share some of her genes!

bday cups

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  1. Santa showed up with a bouquet, she raised £200 for charity, had a wonderful slide show from 1920 onwards, live band, songs written especially for her, sing-a-longs, a warm buffet, cake and lots of toasts and champers!
    A wonderful lady – a room surrounded by love and friendships. Everything she deserves. And I look forward to seeing her again tomorrow and get some time with her!
    She is the head of our family and massively respected by all!

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