Flash Event & Other Writing


I am going to my first Flash Event tomorrow 🙂

One of the amazing things about starting a blog on WordPress is the community that exists. I have enjoyed finding the challenges over the past months and from participating I discovered Flash Fiction. At first it was a challenge condensing a whole story plan into just 100 -150 words, over time it got easier and I am looking forward to December *the end of Nanowrimo extreme writing, I will be able to write for the challenges again in just a week!

One of the Open Mic events I attended last month was Drummond 42, it was a spooky Halloween Spoken Word night and I enjoyed writing poetry to fit the genre. This month they are hosting a Flash event – aiming to have 42 Flashes performed. The word limit is 300 words, so last night I did the opposite of Editing – I Embellished.

When I originally write a short flash it usually comes out at 160+ words and then I desperately cull. I had fun padding the words back up and then editing to make sure it was still a good story.

I embellish/edited 3 stories from those that I have written this year for Rochelle’s Flash Fiction Challenge. This evening I have read them through. I am nervous as I have NEVER read anything longer than a poem at an open mic.

1 scottish poet

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