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Day 25 NaNoWriMo – A Few Days Slippage


It has been refreshing to write some non-nano blog posts about writing events I have attended over the weekend, last week was fairly busy and I was tired. This week I have lots to catch up on with the NaNo Challenge and PAD challenge as well as preparing for my set this week.


I have noticed today in surfing around that a lot of people are falling into 2 camps at this stage of NaNo –

  1. Those who have reached or are close to reaching their 50K goal and
  2. those who are nowhere near and falling behind.

Do not lose faith there is still a week – 7 days…. I had 15000 left to write when I started this evening – now I have less. Every word you manage is a word more to count…. so JUST KEEP GOING! You may get there!

Day 25 NaNoWriMo-2013-Power-Up-Flyer

Now any Wrimo will tell you that the problems start when the word counts dip or you miss days. 5 days ago I had written 34404  words. I was slightly ahead of the 33333 target. Then I got busy; Mainly with work and a couple of nights where I had neither the time nor energy to write much. This past weekend I was out all day Saturday at the Writers’ Toolkit Conference and Sunday at the Open Mic event.

Today I am trying to catch up – despite having the day off work I had other plans and so needed to spend the late afternoon and evening (now) catching up and here’s how I am managing.


  • By trying not to think about the mountain I am going to have climb… Just look those few paces ahead, the next 100 words and the next,
  • Banish all thoughts of – OH MY! I have 4000 – 6000 – 10000 words to catch up on.
  • Keep updating the word count every time you need a writing break – I have been updating mine every few paragraphs, by 100 words or 500 odd and before you know it you have added 1000s of words!

I started this afternoon about 2.5 hours ago with just 35000 (having not written more than 596 words in 4 days!

35000 words have become 37120 (2120 words written so far today) today’s number 41666 (the devil’s in the detail!) That’s 4546 words to go which I realistically will not manage tonight – I have work tomorrow and flashes to edit for printing tomorrow before Wednesdays event.

I am working tomorrow but have had the evening plans cancelled. This will give me a few extra hours of writing time. Of course a bit like a high credit loan everyday adds another couple of 1000 words onto the running total and when you don’t have a stretch of more than 7 days ahead of you before the deadline it can get pretty hot under the collar! (So wear a round neck!)

So my next tips; NaNoWriMo-2013-Boss-Flyer

  • Carve out some time – re-schedule.
  • Work out how many words you have left and find out what your daily total needs to be – the greatest joy of NaNoWriMo is to watch the end word counts fall and treat yourself to word counts like 1190 – however, it is still achievable even if you have not managed to stay on track – my daily word count has to be 1840 (which is possible!)  as long as I manage at least that tonight.
  • The next step is to check your schedule.nano_13_cup_detail1
  • Day 26 – work + Time
  • Day 27 – Event + Time
  • Day 28 – Work + event = pockets of time need to be found to manage 1840 
  • Day 29 – event + Time
  • Day 30 EVENT pockets of time need to be found to manage 1840 
  • Day 31 NaNoWriMo Deadline day and also a day with a bit more time to finish up if need be (Buffer)
  • Then get off your blog and get on with it!


I tried to push through 38000 barrier – but I am drained now and have editing for my set on Wednesday (my 1st Flash Fiction event) I have worked out I need to write just over 2000 words a day to reach the 50K by the end of November.

I hope to get a bit done before Thurs to allow for less than 2000 a day after that. I will get there – this is my first NaNoWriMo and I AM going to win it! NaNoWriMo-General-Flyer


Your Average Per Day
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December  4, 2013
Words Per Day To Finish On Time


A Day for Plans


I have plans, I have things to do, but beyond that I woke up this morning with a head full of so many ideas I barely have time to write them down, but I will. First job before Nano catch up this morning – was meeting a friend for coffee – fortunately that has been rescheduled for this afternoon so that I can get all these thoughts out – it is almost painful!1 nb

I used the last page in my notebook (2013) to scribble my ideas for 2014 creativity projects! A good way to start the next notebook!

Sunday Xpress – Open Mic


A great open mic / spoken word and music event in the city today!

“Sunday Xpress” today at the Adam & Eve
James Kennedy's photo. It was also the launch of Miss Halliwell’s new album!
I had a great afternoon / evening and my set went well. Was even complimented afterwards by three strangers – which is always a bonus. I love it when people from the audience talk to me, let alone shower me in praise. I think I am still buzzing – although that may have something to do with the full fat (sugar) coke – they were all out of diet!
Also, unlike the past 3 gigs, I didn’t get lost arriving at this one! brum
    sunday xpress