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Day 22 NaNoNotNo – My Wrimo Day


I have had the pleasure of a work free day, but between organising the weekend (two days jam packed full of me wearing my writing skin, catching up with sleep and surfing the internet I don’t seem to have managed to produce anything!) My 100 words last night was so pitiful but I felt I had to write SOMETHING! Today I planned to start writing before 10pm … especially as I have to be up, out and on a train tomorrow by 8a.m – I can see myself driving into the city at this rate!

I will update this post with the NaNo count as soon as I have one. nano ame


Writers’ Toolkit


Back in February I found out about this Writers’ Network Event and I have thought about going all year. However, last minute insecurities had me question whether I was ready for such an event, my writing friends assure me that I am, so today I booked my place.

I have found the programme and many of the people on the list are names I recognise from a year of workshops. I now have some big decisions to make as to which events I book.

And it will be a very early start and I am glad that work was cancelled today so I had time to catch up on sleep and re-energise.

writers toolkit Copyright Sparklebox 2013

A Writing Day


Work was cancelled today so although I won’t earn a penny, I do get to spend some time writing.

I need to catch up with the NaNo Novel after managing less than 100 words last night, it really was just a token write.


There is a writing conference in the city tomorrow that I found out about back in February. I was hoping to get into the city for the regional NaNoWriMo writing meeting, but the conference can offer me so much more, and costs less than a pair of shoes, when I think of all the money I have spent on workshops this year it seems worth going. I will try and book a ticket today.

Today’s plan – break the 36000 barrier on the NaNo Novel, catch up with PAD challenge poetry (currently on day 17/22), book tickets for tomorrow’s conference.

I will check in later.