The Lost Weekend


This weekend I planned to go to Oxford for a poetry workshop and to see the final performance from The EmmaPress Poetry Tour.

What is it they say about all good plans? …

Firstly it took over an hour to make it to the motorway, traffic had been diverted due to a 2 car collision on the main ring road. Gridlocked all alternative exits, I was later to discover there was a far more serious reason for this traffic (news story at end). Realising this made me feel absolutely terrible for moaning.

The city is just over an hour away and I had allowed 2 hours, my journey took 3! I missed the workshop and arrived in Oxford with an less than an hour to spare before the performances. I once again found the frustration of road signage navigation an impossibility and I was growing tired after a 3 hour drive with no breaks.

In the end the ring road brought me back to the motorway and I took that as a sign to leave the city behind.

I could have spent another hour driving around for the destination (I need a sat nav!)

I have some friends who moved to a village close to Banbury this year and I hadn’t seen them since the move, so had arranged to visit them en route home overnight. The turn off for Banbury had already beckoned me once and now after a 50 mile round trip into Oxford for no reason at all except to possibly make the performances, it beckoned once again!

I managed to find them thanks to brilliant directions *with landmarks included- although I struggled in the dark to identify their cottage. Which I had parked just a property away from!

The happy news was I made it to them in time to go to the pub quiz – which was a fab night (despite not winning) and I got to catch up on all my missing sleep, go for Sunday dinner with them AND had blueberry pancakes with maple syrup! MMMMmmmmm!

It was lovely to see them both and their new home is GORGEOUS! A beautiful cottage in a picturesque village, so sweet and lovely! So it all worked out in the end. I even shared some of my poetry with them (at request) an impromptu 1 woman show! Maybe I could go back to the village and host an evening of Spoken Word 🙂

My Workshop poetry sat on the passenger seat all weekend and I filled my time with love and laughter shared with good friends.

So maybe this post should be called ‘The FOUND Weekend’ after all.


(News story – 5 hour tailbacks and main motorway shut for 24 hours, some poor man was on a bridge for 26 hours threatening to end his life, he is now safely in hospital and detained under the mental health act. The poor man – the town was at a standstill all weekend traffic wise so it is a miracle I made it onto the motorway in a Southbound direction before closure. I was meant to get to the cottage.)



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