Nano Break – 4 Days Away from the Keys


I knew that Thursday 14th November would not allow me Nano writing time as I was at work and out performing and enjoying SpeakEasy in the evening, again on Friday I was out at work followed by my Stanza meeting with Poets. I was far too tired to create when I got home. Then this weekend I was away.

I over wrote on Wednesday night and used 1200 to add to stats on Thursday and since then my poor characters have been frozen in time. Today is the first writing day I have had in ages and I am working the rest of the week, so I plan a 4000 catch up and secretly hope for more like 6000.

I had hoped I would make a head start yesterday but didn’t get home until the evening and as I hadn’t seen Mr G spent all my time offline in the real world. (Which was only a few hours before bedtime!) I had also hoped to pen some on Saturday before I left but I needed catch up sleep and also spent 2 hours getting directions and bags sorted! So I had no time.

So a quick post update here then offline to create!

I think the Nano break is a good thing – I know the whole point is to spend some time every day of the 30 days writing, but I knew this mid month week (how is that possible with only 4?) would be a hectic schedule and that’s why I was over writing to begin with.

nano amelaptop

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