NaNoWriMo Day 15 – 50% Halfway


Imagination Rain.eps

Yesterday, Thursday 14th I went to SpeakEasy to perform and in between work and the mad dash to get ready in the evening, I had no time to write for NaNo (I did, however prepare 12000 words late on Wednesday to count for the Day 14.) As you know, if you read the posts I was up for 4 hours after – high on post performance euphoria, I was also very tired and couldn’t have managed any ‘proper’ writing. I had planned to catch up today… but then ended up working instead.

So Day 15 was also a non-Nano write day, once again from getting in from work and going out to Stanza there was NO TIME to write. Technically we are now in the small hours and this is Day 16. I am going to try to write some words tonight, I may get to 500 or so.

Tomorrow I am off to Oxford, so will possibly manage a bit of a Nano write before I leave, although I envisage a BIG SLEEP!

So I have Sunday to catch up and I will (not that I need to catch up, I am approximately 3000 words ahead of schedule even with 2 days off!

This post will be UPDATED! 2013-Participant-Square-Button

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