Children In Need 2013


As a child I distinctly remember feeling ungrateful that I had been born into a normal (term used broadly ;)) family … before the days of Disney Princess costumes and Tiara overkill my dream of being a princess was one beyond a frilly frock. I used to fantasise about being the Daughter of a Prince (a sister to William and later Harry, wanted to be Beatrice (she may have avoided hat scandal if I had…) I used to imagine what my life would be like.

I didn’t understand the luck of taken for granted luxuries such as a loving family, good health, brothers, a roof over our head, food on the table, clean water, a car etc.


I have spent years watchingcin3 donating and raising money. For the past 14 years I have celebrated it in school in spotty clothes, pyjamas, inside out clothes and so on. Today (after very little sleep) I took a call for work and it wasn’t until I was en route that I realised what day it was. cin1

I drove past lots of people (mainly kids I used to teach) in PJ’s on their way to school! I got excited at the prospect that it was a fun day in school. cin6

Today, where I worked, it was also school photograph day, so the children weren’t dressed up and the hall was in use so at no point did we talk about Children in Need. cin2

Tonight I had enough time to power nap, eat tea and get ready to go to Stanza and haven’t seen or heard any CIN news.

It is important to support and I feel I should mark the day with a blog post.

cin (2013 Fundraising news) (all about the appeal)



Click the link to find out how you can donate and help.

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