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SpeakEasy Poetry Performance


High on post performance adrenalin I am updating the blog and hoping that tiredness will kick in at some point!

WOW! What a night!

I cannot even get my thoughts in order… speak

This picture was the end result of the night – my set folder. A bottle of fizzy bliss *raffle prize and Jonny Fluffypunk’s Book – bought and signed!

I have been looking forward to tonight for a month! And despite a seemingly ‘rehearsed’ performance, I hadn’t chosen my set until 15 minutes before I was due to leave, spent 6 minutes reading out loud – to check it fitted the 6 minutes allotted time then spent longer trying to find my leggings before nervously leaving for the venue.


I am glad to see that the years training on a Drama Degree have not been totally wasted! To be fair the nerves feel more like excitement and adrenalin nowadays (6 weeks & 7 performances into this venture) … but I definitely wasn’t calm or collected on the inside.

It was a great night, a room packed full of talent and friendly faces. I was up early (2nd on) which at least meant that I could relax and enjoy the rest of the night!



There were fantastic performers;

Timothy Stavert
Andrew Owens
Symon Winter
Michelle Crosbie
Andy Kirk
Ruth Stacey
Tony Judge
Jenny Hope

as well as open mic performers and the headline act – Jonny Fluffypunk, who was absolutely amazing, he gigs all over the UK so catch him if you can – you will not be disappointed!

I had a fabulous night and have been home for 4 hours – tiredness is just about beating adrenalin at nearly 3 a.m!

The event is organised by Maggie Doyle and Fergus McGonigal, who is also the incredibly lively and vivacious MC who holds the whole night together. The atmosphere last night was a calm electric 🙂 – I am editing this on Fri. 15th and I am still buzzing from last night’s event! (That’s on 5 hours sleep, a full day at work and a night out at my 3rd Stanza Meeting!)

I received such positive feedback, I now believe that I am on the right track! I shall make sure I don’t fall off the wagon this time!

1 denver library

Enjoying the free fall!

* Raffle: The 1st one I have ever WON! 🙂

Day 14 – 2 Weeks in and a Quick Cheat


I will update post later – off out to a poetry night to perform.

I wrote another 1200 + words last night knowing I had no time this evening. Here they are added to my stats. Hope to do a quick write when I get home later – or a catch up tomorrow – although I am still over the count so no catch up is really necessary!

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