The Greatest Feeling is…


a half day of work! Whoahooo!

Of course now I am in writing mode and plan to catch up the missing Nano words from the past 2 days + PAD challenge catch up and PiBo! But these hours belong to me – grabbing them with both hands this afternoon!

I realised that this week I am over-tired and work has only been back for a fortnight, falling asleep at 9pm is a sign of my need to slow down a little, so unfortunately I missed the spoken word event last night and will miss the one tonight as well. Got to save some energy to organise my set for tomorrow night, looking forward to that.

I am back at work full time again tomorrow – and hope that Friday is a writing day before the Poetry Society Stanza meeting, leaving me a tiny lie in opportunity on Saturday before jetting off to Oxford for the workshop and performance/ book launch and time reuniting and staying with friends, who moved away earlier this year.


Freelancers…. pace yourselves! imagesCAYAPR57

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