Day 13 NaNoWriMo – 13 Unlucky for Some (NOT ME!)


I owe my Nano Manuscript over 2200 words (from the past 2 days) and 1667 today – let’s just call it 4K! Over the marathon weekend I only managed 5K ….

However I knew what the problem was;

Exhaustion and the need for SLEEP – I have fallen asleep by 9pm for the past 2 night writes -resulting in SMALL word counts, Tuesday I produced 800+ and just 309 words last night.

Both writes were tough… why? I HAD NO PLOT!

I didn’t mean to be a pantster this Nano (one who flies by their seats of their pants with no plan and free writes through 50K!) It just happened this way as I was far too busy in October with work, poetry, performances, Literature Festivals and organising the Inkspill Writing retreat to complete any planning and preparation for NaNoWriMo.

Last night when I finished my measley 309 words I decided I needed a plan!

Today I was home and ready to write at about 2pm – I have spent the past 40minutes, drinking coffee, planning and researching.

Here is where today’s NaNo started;

1 nb 1 nb nan (excuse the 70’s carpet we haven’t yet replaced… it is warm and deep and I intentionally took a distance shot – not that anyone would want to steal my story arc planning – but it keeps the story a bit of a mystery!)

In my notebook with a story arc plan for each character followed by a list of chapters and main events.

Of course the 50 000 words is only half the story and I plan to use the spring and summer camps to finish it if I can. footer-camp

Right off to start writing in stages.

2:45 pm Stage 1

POST TO BE UPDATED – pop back and find out how I have done!

3:00 pm

  • I have already beaten last night’s word count – in just 15 minutes,  321 words!

3:45 pm

  • An hour after starting and I have 1342 *nearly finished today’s word count and then to catch up! It is so much easier when you have a plan.

BREAK – Caffeine and much needed cake – the sugar will keep me awake now that day light is fading… and the best thing – I would usually still be at work and in the past 2 hours I have managed all this, as well as a mini-food shop on the way home and lunch!

4:15 pm Stage 2

  • Slippers on and 5 minutes into the write I have accomplished today’s word count: 1670

Off to update NaNo Stats and then I will carry on catching up the missing words from this week!

Words Written Today
Total Words Written
Words Remaining
I love it when the words written and the words remaining get closer to the same number 🙂
I have been writing for about an hour – I have researched medical facts and treatments for injuries – Mr G is also home from work.
I have written another 1293words.
nano ame
Here comes the stats update!
Words Written Today
Total Words Written
Words Remaining
Imagination Rain.eps
I think I can make the 4K!
nano 25000
6:30pm Stage 3 
I think…. therefore I am (Descartes) and now I finally understand it…. after a 40 minute write at 7:10 pm I smashed through 25000! WOW! Having a plot really helps!
2012 brighton 625
There are an unbelievable

2013 Novelists

2 9 8 , 5 9 7 Wrimos taking part – that’s 298, 596 other people as mad as me! 🙂

Words Written Today
Target Word Count
Target Average Words Per Day
Total Words Written
25,853 nano voice in a million 25
Words Remaining
24,147 (whoahoo LESS than those I have written!)
Over half way – less than 50% to go! Yipeeeeeee!
  • If you are ahead of the word count, try to stay ahead.
  • DO NOT feel guilty for occasionally not making the word count. I haven’t managed the past 2 nights, the important thing is I turned up and wrote… even if it was only a few hundred words.
  • So turn up.
  • Turn up and WRITE!
  • Plan – have a plot no matter how flimsy or flexible.
  • Have in mind what you want to achieve each day, as far as the content – what you will write and even a target number of words if that works for you.
  • BITE SIZE chunks – it works for revision and it works for creating too. Tonight I had 3 sittings and managed over 4000 words.
  • In the words of Nike – JUST DO IT!

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    • Good luck with your Nano write – I knew in the end I would have to set a plan to paper – my ideas were all too vague or too multi-layered… kind of hard when only writing half a book. I am feeling much better about it now though.
      I had a bit of a plan – and some character notes, but as I was free writing it started taking a different direction. Even now with the plan something major happened to one of my character’s in tonight’s big write which almost makes her the central character for a while!

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