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WOW – Do What You Want to Do and The Universe Will Assist You!


I am getting so truly excited by this year of writing! I had no idea where it would take me really and I feel like I am exploring new and yet deeply familiar territory all the time. motivation worth

My spirit thanks me daily, when I wake up happy and enjoy being alive!

I do feel blessed and I know this is only the beginning!

I was just off to bed after an evening filled with writing and poetry and I had to check emails for work contacts tomorrow. I came across 2 other exciting emails – I ignored several 100- well it’s late…. moon-at-night-landscape_w725_h544

I have now signed up for a unique reading opportunity in December at a local university (more on this in December probably) and have also had an email regarding a special conference in December also.

The reason I had these emails was because I attended the Literature Festival last month and said YES by signing up to mailing lists and talking to people. Including organisers.

I go to bed, tired and happy! AWF moment writing

2013 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 13


2013 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 13

For today’s prompt, write a self-help poem. It can be written in the style of a self-help article or book. Or you can take it in a more subtle self-help direction.

Robert Lee Brewerwd

Robert Lee Brewer


I wrote a tongue in cheek poem called ‘Self-Help’ it is in its infancy – I know I will work on this one and make it something at a later date.


PAD challenge – back in real time after a hefty 4 poem catch up!

Day 13 NaNoWriMo – 13 Unlucky for Some (NOT ME!)


I owe my Nano Manuscript over 2200 words (from the past 2 days) and 1667 today – let’s just call it 4K! Over the marathon weekend I only managed 5K ….

However I knew what the problem was;

Exhaustion and the need for SLEEP – I have fallen asleep by 9pm for the past 2 night writes -resulting in SMALL word counts, Tuesday I produced 800+ and just 309 words last night.

Both writes were tough… why? I HAD NO PLOT!

I didn’t mean to be a pantster this Nano (one who flies by their seats of their pants with no plan and free writes through 50K!) It just happened this way as I was far too busy in October with work, poetry, performances, Literature Festivals and organising the Inkspill Writing retreat to complete any planning and preparation for NaNoWriMo.

Last night when I finished my measley 309 words I decided I needed a plan!

Today I was home and ready to write at about 2pm – I have spent the past 40minutes, drinking coffee, planning and researching.

Here is where today’s NaNo started;

1 nb 1 nb nan (excuse the 70’s carpet we haven’t yet replaced… it is warm and deep and I intentionally took a distance shot – not that anyone would want to steal my story arc planning – but it keeps the story a bit of a mystery!)

In my notebook with a story arc plan for each character followed by a list of chapters and main events.

Of course the 50 000 words is only half the story and I plan to use the spring and summer camps to finish it if I can. footer-camp

Right off to start writing in stages.

2:45 pm Stage 1

POST TO BE UPDATED – pop back and find out how I have done!

3:00 pm

  • I have already beaten last night’s word count – in just 15 minutes,  321 words!

3:45 pm

  • An hour after starting and I have 1342 *nearly finished today’s word count and then to catch up! It is so much easier when you have a plan.

BREAK – Caffeine and much needed cake – the sugar will keep me awake now that day light is fading… and the best thing – I would usually still be at work and in the past 2 hours I have managed all this, as well as a mini-food shop on the way home and lunch!

4:15 pm Stage 2

  • Slippers on and 5 minutes into the write I have accomplished today’s word count: 1670

Off to update NaNo Stats and then I will carry on catching up the missing words from this week!

Words Written Today
Total Words Written
Words Remaining
I love it when the words written and the words remaining get closer to the same number 🙂
I have been writing for about an hour – I have researched medical facts and treatments for injuries – Mr G is also home from work.
I have written another 1293words.
nano ame
Here comes the stats update!
Words Written Today
Total Words Written
Words Remaining
Imagination Rain.eps
I think I can make the 4K!
nano 25000
6:30pm Stage 3 
I think…. therefore I am (Descartes) and now I finally understand it…. after a 40 minute write at 7:10 pm I smashed through 25000! WOW! Having a plot really helps!
2012 brighton 625
There are an unbelievable

2013 Novelists

2 9 8 , 5 9 7 Wrimos taking part – that’s 298, 596 other people as mad as me! 🙂

Words Written Today
Target Word Count
Target Average Words Per Day
Total Words Written
25,853 nano voice in a million 25
Words Remaining
24,147 (whoahoo LESS than those I have written!)
Over half way – less than 50% to go! Yipeeeeeee!
  • If you are ahead of the word count, try to stay ahead.
  • DO NOT feel guilty for occasionally not making the word count. I haven’t managed the past 2 nights, the important thing is I turned up and wrote… even if it was only a few hundred words.
  • So turn up.
  • Turn up and WRITE!
  • Plan – have a plot no matter how flimsy or flexible.
  • Have in mind what you want to achieve each day, as far as the content – what you will write and even a target number of words if that works for you.
  • BITE SIZE chunks – it works for revision and it works for creating too. Tonight I had 3 sittings and managed over 4000 words.
  • In the words of Nike – JUST DO IT!

The Greatest Feeling is…


a half day of work! Whoahooo!

Of course now I am in writing mode and plan to catch up the missing Nano words from the past 2 days + PAD challenge catch up and PiBo! But these hours belong to me – grabbing them with both hands this afternoon!

I realised that this week I am over-tired and work has only been back for a fortnight, falling asleep at 9pm is a sign of my need to slow down a little, so unfortunately I missed the spoken word event last night and will miss the one tonight as well. Got to save some energy to organise my set for tomorrow night, looking forward to that.

I am back at work full time again tomorrow – and hope that Friday is a writing day before the Poetry Society Stanza meeting, leaving me a tiny lie in opportunity on Saturday before jetting off to Oxford for the workshop and performance/ book launch and time reuniting and staying with friends, who moved away earlier this year.


Freelancers…. pace yourselves! imagesCAYAPR57