SOLC – Slice of Life Challenge


sols_6It has been a while since I left a post for the slice of life challenge – this week is mainly a writing week – I have also needed to work – pretty much 4 days this week so far. And I am already feeling so tired. Originally I had writing events Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I am so tired that I have already decided to stay in tonight and tomorrow, get my set ready for Thursday night at SpeakEasy and also write a poem for Friday’s Stanza meeting. I have already emailed Emma with my workshop poem- ‘Cake Man’. It was written as part as PAD CHALLENGE and I look forward to the workshop in Oxford on Saturday, followed by another poetry performance.

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I worked all of last week apart from Monday, and I have worked all week this week – so far I just have the end of this week off and hope to catch up with writing.

This month I am completing 3 challenges – National Novel writing month – NaNoWriMo, Picture book challenge PiBoldMo and PAD (Poetry a Day) challenge run by Writer’s Digest. I am also trying to get organised for some events later in the month.

Imagination Rain.epspiboidmo2013-participant-214x131PAD

In the past week I missed several poetry events due to tiredness, many are long drives away and by the time I make it in from work, I have no energy.

I did manage to mark Remembrance Sunday by attending Poetry for Peace.

We also had a lovely time celebrating Guy Fawkes with a little fire and some sparklers in the garden along with pumpkin curry and plenty of neighbouring fireworks to watch.

I am loving life and making the most of this giant leap of faith I have made. I have mainly been working for this past fortnight, taking as much as I can before the next holiday in 5 weeks!


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    • I post a daily NaNo update – I am nearly on 21000 words – I had managed to stay ahead of the word count, until last night when I only managed 800+ words before falling asleep!
      How’s yours going?

    • Yes, I need to remember this – I have gone from working an 80 hour week to working freelance – nearly full time and still try to make room for all this writing – I realised early on (by the fact that I have been falling asleep at 9pm every evening) that the Tuesday night event and the event tonight are just too much with work as well. Performing Thursday and work shopping Friday and Saturday is enough for one week, especially alongside NaNo and the other writing challenges.

  1. Wow! You are an inspiration to me. After reading this post, I feel bad for all the whining I do about “not having time to write”. You have so many projects going! Good luck on all of them!

    • Thanks Dana – I am happy to inspire – I have made it my mission to write this year so finding time is easy – it is my main directive, I have however resigned from a full time job to do it – I typically get 1-2 days off plus the weekend. Not one to wake and create early before work or find time to do it after – I changed gear and changed lane. I am poorer, but richer in spirit and money isn’t everything. Having said that the future plan involves making a living from writing – I have done it before on a small scale – and I will do it again – sometime in the next decade and a half! 🙂

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