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Day 12 NaNoWriMo – Catch Up


NaNoWriMo-2013-Power-Up-FlyerAfter last night’s write I am attempting to at least make my target words of 1667 -possibly more – the very 1st time I have not managed the full word count due to the fact that I fell asleep, several times on the Laptop.

I am very tired and have only managed 309 words – I have also done some research and need to write a plot plan. I am working in the morning and falling asleep now, so I am going to sleep.

I am still over the count and hope to catch up tomorrow after work!

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SOLC – Slice of Life Challenge


sols_6It has been a while since I left a post for the slice of life challenge – this week is mainly a writing week – I have also needed to work – pretty much 4 days this week so far. And I am already feeling so tired. Originally I had writing events Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I am so tired that I have already decided to stay in tonight and tomorrow, get my set ready for Thursday night at SpeakEasy and also write a poem for Friday’s Stanza meeting. I have already emailed Emma with my workshop poem- ‘Cake Man’. It was written as part as PAD CHALLENGE and I look forward to the workshop in Oxford on Saturday, followed by another poetry performance.

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I worked all of last week apart from Monday, and I have worked all week this week – so far I just have the end of this week off and hope to catch up with writing.

This month I am completing 3 challenges – National Novel writing month – NaNoWriMo, Picture book challenge PiBoldMo and PAD (Poetry a Day) challenge run by Writer’s Digest. I am also trying to get organised for some events later in the month.

Imagination Rain.epspiboidmo2013-participant-214x131PAD

In the past week I missed several poetry events due to tiredness, many are long drives away and by the time I make it in from work, I have no energy.

I did manage to mark Remembrance Sunday by attending Poetry for Peace.

We also had a lovely time celebrating Guy Fawkes with a little fire and some sparklers in the garden along with pumpkin curry and plenty of neighbouring fireworks to watch.

I am loving life and making the most of this giant leap of faith I have made. I have mainly been working for this past fortnight, taking as much as I can before the next holiday in 5 weeks!


2013 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 12


It’s that time again. Time for another “Two for Tuesday” prompt. Do one, do the other, do both, whatever keeps you poeming this month:

  1. Write a poem about your happiest moment. Well, doesn’t have to be yours actually. Just a moment that is someone’s happiest.
  2. Write a poem about your saddest moment. Conversely, take happy, flip it, and make it the saddest moment.

Robert Lee Brewerwd

Robert Lee Brewer


I wrote 2 poems, one about the birth of my 1st nephew and one about my dad leaving us.