Poet’s For Peace – Remembrance Sunday


I am honoured to be able to mark this Remembrance Sunday with Poetry and words. After all the processions and services this morning a group of poet’s and hopefully some audience are meeting at the Ort Café to perform poetry about peace, for peace.

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It was a fantastic relaxed event and I even managed to buy one of the white Peace Poppies (pictured), I had only written 4 poems for this event, all of them have been created from the PAD challenge this month. There was time to read more so I logged onto the blog and found a suitable challenge poem I wrote for Picture it and Write and adapted another challenge poem to centre around an injured soldier instead of a youth in angst and pain.

Of course the real message is the promotion of peace, and in a small corner of the world, we managed that today, through our words and the words of the Great War Poets.

Peace be with you all x

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