We All Need a Reboot from Time to Time


inkspill keyboard Last night, about 12 hours ago – the computer lost connectivity. Mr G was already asleep and I was attempting to make the daily word count on my Nano write (managed 1703). I was gutted that I had lost ability to post as there were other things I had planned to blog about. On the other hand it was past 1 a.m and I was tired from the working week. I imagined that this was the universe’s way to get me to bed, so I gave up trying to reconnect and slept.

This morning Mr G rebooted the laptop and woke me after a blissful 11 hour slumber! 550px-Overcome-Lack-of-Motivation-Step-2 I have had a lazy entry into the day, reading a few chapters from my current novel. I would recommend all wrimos keep reading if they can, as it helps you consider the structure and content of your own work. I am pleased to say I think mine meets up to a bestselling author! Of course I learnt early on not to compare myself to that competition as a novice writer – what right do I have? – I look in the mirror and compare myself to that competitor instead and I have say she has already developed strength and knowledge and writes better than she did 11 months ago.

I have plans for today that include a lot of writing (among other things);

1 denver library Poetry

I want to catch up on the PAD poetry challenge – already a day behind again.

I need to get my set ready for tomorrow. I am performing at the ORT café again in a Remembrance Sunday event called Poet’s for Peace. I have written a few new poems (from the PAD challenge) but there are also some websites I want to visit and read and then write some more poetry specifically for my set. I will need to spend some time later reading over these poems, preparing and rehearsing.

I also need to get my poetry ready for my set on Thursday night – which was booked back in October and now is going to be my 7th appearance (not my 2nd as I first thought it would be.)

files-archive Admin

I need to email Emma my poem for next weekend’s workshop in Oxford. (I missed last night’s deadline due to the connectivity issue!)

I need to check my emails as I haven’t all week! (Work)

parody-and-satire-for-writers1-300x300 Blogging

I need to catch up in Blogland.

imagesCA9G4USI Writing

I want to get ahead on Wrimo writing to compensate for next week – next week I am working 3 days, I have 2 performance events, a stanza meeting and a workshop and performance in Oxford. I know there will be little time to reach 1667 targets and I will be happy to produce 800-1000 a day. Which means today and tomorrow I really need to overwrite. by the end of next week I expect to be on target for the 30th November and not beyond (as I have been since the start of the challenge!)

I have also just discovered it is the Marathon Writing Day for Nanowrimo today!

I also managed to sign up for the Picture book challenge – piboidmo2013-participant-214x131 PiBoldMo last week, the site gave me error messages but I received an email offering registration (which closed on the 7th November) so I have to catch up with what is going on in this challenge – basically a month thinking up 30 different picture book ideas. I found out about it when I did my Children’s Picture Book Writing Course back in May.


dollar-books-3-shelves-e1304934796501 Reading

I also need to spend some time reading my way through a poetry magazine which I borrowed from stanza two meetings ago and was meant to give back last month and forgot.

I also (finally) subscribed to my writing magazine, I have been buying it all year, but since moving house there are no stockists over here. It also saves me money. £15.00 a year, that’s a poetry book, performance or a bit of petrol money for events in 2014 already banked…. which is great because I totally over spent this year’s budget by twice as much again! Of course I hope to win it all back in some poetry prize in 2014. My new magazine arrived in the post a few days ago and is still in it’s sealed packet!

I also need to start reading Hooked – the writing book James leant me at the 42 Event last month!

Life_is_sweet_tea_party Life

It is also a friend’s birthday this weekend so I am out tomorrow and need to go gift shopping today, and there are other friends I am meeting up with today in between running errands in town, sorting out household monies and doing a bit of cleaning up at home.

So a busy weekend – looks like I needed that mammoth sleep!

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    • Thanks – my reason for blogging was to almanac my creative endeavours over the months and re-entry into this world I used to live in (performance poet/ freelance writer) some followers have said that they like the more autobiographical posts and as writing is such a personal thing ‘life’ creeps into many posts. I make no apology for this – the best blogs are personal reflections that touch others – and I am sure the one parallel we can all draw is that balance between the life we want as writers and the lives we have to lead to pay the bills.

      It is also a new life for me as this is the first year in a while that I have been well, and like many people who recover from some life changing awfulness, I relish life and grab opportunities with both hands in a new rediscovery of the zest and joy of life – and I like to spread that positivity around a bit from time to time!

      Glad you found us, glad you love reading the posts and thanks for taking time to comment on them 🙂

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