Day 9 NaNoWriMo – Marathon – 3 hours to go!


3 hours left and I have finally made it home from the pub… I am watching the livestream from earlier and am put to shame by Jules and Simone who plan to write 7000 today. Made only slightly better by the fact that the presenter Grant Faulkner has only made 12000 – and here I am on 16000+

see what I’m seeing;

NaNoWriMo Writing Marathon Livestream at Noon with Grant Faulkner and Kiddos!      

NaNoWriMo Writing Marathon Livestream at Noon with Grant Faulkner and Kiddos!
They talk about rewards and punishment – so every 1000 words I will treat myself to treat myself to 2 pieces of candy and a 10 minute break – I only have 3 hours to go – but may take my marathon over midnight.
I will update later Writing_Marathon_851x315_1
Well that was fun! Yes you heard me, FUN! I did however fall asleep on the laptop again!
When I found out today was the NaNo Marathon I got excited and planned to write throughout the day, then we made plans to see our friends in the pub and I thought I would still have time to write when I got home, thinking it would be tea-time. We got back just after 8pm (about 3 hours later than I had envisaged) and as you have already read, I only had 3 hours of this epic event day left to write.
I should have started straight away but I spent the first hour catching up on my PAD poems writing about Cat Ornaments and Lovers (not in the same poem!)
I spent about an hour and a half writing (deducting time for dosing at the keys!) motivation closer
Here’s how my mini marathon panned out.

start time 700 exactly

Total Words Written  17,073

Words Remaining  32,927

start time 300  I made my reward – which I didn’t have – hence falling asleep from the lack of sugar at this point!

Words Written Today

1,628 (all this work and I haven’t yet even reached the average day count of 1667 and some of those words were written last night!)

Total Words Written 17,373

start time 330

Words Written Today 1,958

Total Words Written 17,703

Words Remaining 32,297

So at this point I have made my word count for the day – and fallen asleep at the laptop twice.

I decide my nano marathon challenge is to make it over 18000 before midnight and to do my best to produce 3000 over the course of Sunday – that way this weekend will have seen about 5000 words.

I play more live stream nano marathon videos.


NaNo Analogy

A good analogy watch it!

You are going to make it through NaNo.


I hit a wall tonight – not with the writing but with the fact that I had spent the afternoon shopping and then in a bar with friends drinking until 8pm and I dosed off and woke up feeling a little worse for wear, in the back of my mind I am thinking I need to write more material for tomorrow’s poets for peace event. I wrote my PAD poetry before I started my Nano write tonight and have just 30 minutes at this point before midnight to write.

start time Another 288

Words Written Today 2,246

Total Words Written

17,991 My inner cheerleader gets involved …. 9 more words come on!


start time 22 words

Words Written Today 2,268

Total Words Written 18,013

So I haven’t exactly achieved a MARATHON amount of words (I will choose to have my own personal marathon in bite size chunks when I have a free day… ) but I set the achievable goal of 18000 and managed that, so I can go to bed proud of myself for meeting my objective even if it was only a 2268 word write. I still need 601 words to make it to 2268 today as some of these were written after yesterday’s count.

I had a lovely day with friends AND got to write another chapter of my story.

The good news is I have a second wind and am going to write a bit more before bed. Of course it is now Sunday and so the words will be counted on the Day 10 post, but as I am out reading poetry again tomorrow over writing now will be a bonus.
I have also picked up some great tips from listening to the live streams. I will add those in another post before bed.

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    • Then you had a better run than me, as you can see in the updated post. I did just over 2000 words in 1.5 hours, then it was midnight so the 9th Nov. was over. I am hoping when I get a free day I may do the same as you.
      Good luck, keep going and write when you can 🙂

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