Day 8 – NaNoNearly!


Good evening folks… I have just about made it online in time for Friday posts…2013-Participant-Twitter-Header

I have managed 1035 words for Nano so far tonight.

I got home nice and early today but was asleep by 6pm (exhausted) I woke up shortly after 8pm and wrote just over 600 words before I cooked tea.

It was after 11pm before I made it back online and I have managed the rest of the scene I was writing – which has taken me to 1035 – I will log this and then carry on writing.

Be back later to update the post.

So far…15000 sweet the barrier has been broken! WHOOP! WHOOP!

Words Written Today = 1,035
Total Words Written = 15,745
Words Remaining 34,255
I have just written another 628 words, bring the day’s total to 1703.
Total Words Written = 16,373
Words Remaining = 33,627
Unfortunately the laptop has just lost the internet so I am going to bed. I will update tomorrow.

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