Day 7 – 1 WEEK of NaNoWriMo


After two hours catching up on PAD poems I finally managed my NaNo write – which has taken the best part of another 2 hours. I have also being trying to join piboidmo2013-participant-214x131 PiBoldMo – tonight was the last time you could register but I keep getting errors. Maybe next year.


I started with 906 words in 40 minutes which I was very pleased with and then I changed scenes – and characters, I managed to create 560 something words and came a little unstuck so left the computer for a bit.

I came back and typed away and when I started to feel my brain give in – I decided I must be 1667 words in … It was 1589 I thought that was close enough and because I am currently a bit ahead of schedule it would have been fine to leave it.

This is my first year of Nano though and from my camp experiences I know that to try to stay ahead or on count is important. So I pushed on …. 1653….. 1764

Which is where I left it for tonight.



TOTAL WORDS = 14710 – great JOY! How close it is to 15000? I know that I will definitely reach through that next barrier tomorrow!

WORDS LEFT = 35290


Top Tips

Self discipline – push yourself. You will be amazed at how resilient and flexible you are.

Try to make the daily word count if you can.

Keep enjoying yourself…. if you’re not – walk away for a while.

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  1. I had to chuckle when I read your post. I found myself asleep over my notebook and keyboard; I was sitting up, trying to figure out what the words on the page said. Delirium had set in. So I went to bed. I too am ahead but pressed on this morning and found myself on a very good story vein. Hated to leave the notebook to get into the morning’s conference activities 🙂 However, I was at a point of tension which is often a great place to take a pause… Keep up the great work!

    • Yes, it is great if you can leave the writing at a high point, it is much easier then to carry on writing. I am trying to stay ahead – I am over 15000 words now and have a really busy week of work and poetry events ahead of me, this weekend I will try to get lots written.

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