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2013 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 5


Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides Blog

For people new to these challenges, I like to do “Two for Tuesday” prompts on Tuesdays. In that way, I get to pretend like I’m a DJ on a radio station. Here are the two prompts today:

  1. Write a concealed poem. Could be about a concealed weapon, concealing emotions, concealing intentions, etc. Cover it up and write about it.
  2. Write an unconcealed poem. Okay, take everything from the first prompt and uncover it. Reveal everything that’s hidden.

Completed on day 7

I loved this prompt – had loads of ideas swimming around my head. What I finally wrote was semi autobiographical and was an experience I had once on a tube. The reveal was even better because I had no idea what was concealed and didn’t know until the end of the poem as I was still undecided.


Both poems have some amazing lines (you know when you write a stunner and think WOW!) and I have used clever word play in the title – I think I might perform part 1 or both next week at the SpeakEasy event.


Day 5 NaNoWriMo – A Bonfire, Pumpkin Curry and Words


press-start-fa915ffe8a6fb32bb3eabf7f771620b4 Tonight’s writing was extremely challenging. I knew it would be this way and it is not (yet) because NaNoWriMo itself has become a challenge – that dip generally comes in the 2nd week if my Camp experience was anything to go by.

Last night I cheated, only in as far as I wrote 1004 words to count towards today knowing I wouldn’t even get to write until late this evening. I didn’t even make it home much before 6pm and I had things I needed to do and organise before I could log on. I have managed 40 minutes so far and only managed another 737 words… it has been a struggle. Why?

Well I am a panster without a plan! I need to think about where the story is going and do some planning before my next write.

I have managed to break the daily word count because I gave myself a head start last night and Mr G was making tea, allotment pumpkin curry for Bonfire Night (my mouth was certainly on fire after it… slightly too many home grown uber hot chillis!)

fs fireworksbonfirebonfire 3

It is Guy Fawkes night so I have spent most of the night outside, until now (11:30pm). We wrapped up warm in many layers and made our way up to the garden. In previous years we have either gone to parties and other people’s fireworks night or found an organised event. This year most of those were last weekend and we were at the HMV Institute watching Mark Lanegan. This is the 1st year either of us have had a garden (as we lived in flats).

We had sparklers and pumpkin curry. Scrumptious Scrumpy Cider (which dowsed the fire of the curry) and watched other people’s expensive fireworks. Mr G made a firepit and we had our own bonfire. It was a lovely evening.10000words-resized-600

Back in the warm now and making this post and word count before midnight.

AND I AM AMAZED! I have now smashed, SMASHED the 10,000 word barrier – whoahoooo!


Words written today (1004 of those were over written last night and snuck into today’s word count) 2,281

Total word count 10,983

Words remaining  39,017 (less than 40,000!)


Try to over-write (beat the 1667 daily word count) if you know you are busy on a particular day.

Don’t miss traditional events and social plans because of NaNo – work around them.

Writing after a hard day’s work IS hard… go easy on yourself!