Day 4 NaNoWriMo – An Early Start



I was up early as work started again today. I was on call, but wasn’t called. Whilst I was waiting I decided to get a head start on my NaNo Writing. I made myself the biggest (writer sized) coffee and sat down with the end of yesterday’s writing in front of me.

I had left some notes on the screen, which meant I went straight into dialogue and didn’t stop typing for over an hour – other than to sip coffee and check word counts.

A great write. A real morning of work. I hope to add more later and get ahead – for those days when I am working – there are at least 3 this week already. But I also wrote my to do list whilst the kettle boiled and today it is long.

After my PAD poem write I will be offline ticking off jobs on the list before I come back online. (Inspired by an article I read yesterday about writer’s and their saggy bottoms – more on that another time!)


Today’s writing flowed. I found out more about my characters and was able to build them up in the chapters I have touched on today. There are some interesting events occurring – I have a vague story map but hadn’t time to flesh things out before NaNo so am approaching it as a massive free writing opportunity and letting the story drive itself a bit.

Today I managed 586 words at first count, I was attempting at least 1667. (My inner cheer leader is still asleep!)

The next count I had managed 1633 …. so close and then I wrote until the story thread ended. Which means I haven’t really left it part way through to pick it up – but hoping to write later so I figure the story will still be fresh and this won’t be an obstacle.

By the end of the HOUR and 15 minutes, I had managed 1877 words.

Word Count = 1877

Total = 8,069

Words to go = 41,931 2013-Participant-Vertical-Banner


  • Make the coffee big
  • Write in stages
  • Keep checking your word count (motivator)
  • SET GOALS/ personal word count targets


I have added some more to the total today. Another 337 words followed by 296 – that’s 633 in total and I am onto a new chapter.

Current total = 8,702


Which means that I have less than 42 000 to go!


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  1. Great writing, fellow WriMo! Are you using the NaNo count verifier? It is good to do that because somehow it gives discounts 😦 When I compare the NaNo count to either the word processing (now Librewriter, I think the Linux Open Office is called) or the Srivener, the NaNo count is usually around 40-50 words less each day…

    • I noticed this on day 2 – I have a count down button that I was hoping to add as Widget to the front of the site but I can’t get it to upload. I am updating word count daily on

      I have managed a lot today – with a bunch of chores in the middle. Trying to make as much progress as possible as I am working the rest of the week and doubt I will make more than 1667 on some of these days. Plus it’s Guy Fawkes night tomorrow, so we have a busy evening too. 🙂

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