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Back to the Real World Tomorrow


After a spat of freedom, I have to return to work tomorrow (bills to pay and all that!)HALLOWEEN 2011 081 I have tried to get ahead with the NaNo story as I know all my writing will have to take place in the evening.
And (EXCITED!) it is Guy Fawkes Night tomorrow, we used to go to organised events but now we have a garden and may have a little celebration of our own. bonfire 3 Either way I shall wrap up warm and go and watch fireworks, after all it is a tradition.

Good luck to all Wrimos for DAY 5
We are 2 people off 500 followers, can’t to get back tomorrow and check! fs fireworks

2013 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 4


2013 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 4

Robert Lee Brewer

Hope the time change hasn’t been messing with folks too much (in places that have it–like here in Atlanta). Somehow I get an extra hour, and it still feels like I lost one. How does that happen?

For today’s prompt, take the phrase “(blank) Sheet,” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then write the poem. Possible titles might include: “Rap Sheet,” “Blank Sheet,” “How to Fold a Sheet,” “I Look Like a Ghost Beneath This Holey Sheet,” etc. Feel free–as always–to bend and break the prompt to your will. The poeming is what matters.

My 4th PAD poem was about the only sheet writers fear – The Blank Sheet!

Day 4 NaNoWriMo – An Early Start



I was up early as work started again today. I was on call, but wasn’t called. Whilst I was waiting I decided to get a head start on my NaNo Writing. I made myself the biggest (writer sized) coffee and sat down with the end of yesterday’s writing in front of me.

I had left some notes on the screen, which meant I went straight into dialogue and didn’t stop typing for over an hour – other than to sip coffee and check word counts.

A great write. A real morning of work. I hope to add more later and get ahead – for those days when I am working – there are at least 3 this week already. But I also wrote my to do list whilst the kettle boiled and today it is long.

After my PAD poem write I will be offline ticking off jobs on the list before I come back online. (Inspired by an article I read yesterday about writer’s and their saggy bottoms – more on that another time!)


Today’s writing flowed. I found out more about my characters and was able to build them up in the chapters I have touched on today. There are some interesting events occurring – I have a vague story map but hadn’t time to flesh things out before NaNo so am approaching it as a massive free writing opportunity and letting the story drive itself a bit.

Today I managed 586 words at first count, I was attempting at least 1667. (My inner cheer leader is still asleep!)

The next count I had managed 1633 …. so close and then I wrote until the story thread ended. Which means I haven’t really left it part way through to pick it up – but hoping to write later so I figure the story will still be fresh and this won’t be an obstacle.

By the end of the HOUR and 15 minutes, I had managed 1877 words.

Word Count = 1877

Total = 8,069

Words to go = 41,931 2013-Participant-Vertical-Banner


  • Make the coffee big
  • Write in stages
  • Keep checking your word count (motivator)
  • SET GOALS/ personal word count targets


I have added some more to the total today. Another 337 words followed by 296 – that’s 633 in total and I am onto a new chapter.

Current total = 8,702


Which means that I have less than 42 000 to go!