Day 2 – Coming to you from NaNoLand!



Phew! That was a little tough. This morning I have mainly been resisting!

I wanted to write my word count early to free up some of the rest of the day. I started at 10 with a coffee and happily half an hour later had 800 more words. I resisted coming on the blog and posting as a ‘taking a break’.

The next 45 minutes I pushed out another 871 words and that seemed as difficult as peeling a sack full of potatoes. In hindsight resisting the 2 natural ‘break’ points may have been a bad idea. Sometimes your mind tells you what to do and you just have to listen.


The flipside is today I managed 1671 words and funnily enough the 2nd document (I save each chapter segment in a separate file) had just 667 words. I had a moment when I thought ‘surely I have written enough today?’ the count was just 1004…

I am more akin to night writes really I think. Still there is always the small possibility I may add more later today and if not


Day 2     1671

TOTAL 3,546

Words Remaining 46,454
Take a break if your body or mind is telling you to do so (sometimes listening to the voices is a good thing!) 😉  2013-Participant-Square-Button

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