FSF – Five sentence Fiction – Erased


NewFSFBadge-1 Another wonderful prompt challenge that I have neglected for too long – click the icon to check it out, read others or take part.


Gemma knew she shouldn’t do it, but Todd was out for the evening and she’d already hacked his account. She felt sick, but wanted to know the truth and in all honesty, she already knew.

He was with her now.

She opened the latest messages and there on the screen was confirmation of their plan to elope. Gemma selected the envelope icons and deleted all of them, banishing the vixen from his account.

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      • Well I haven’t done the other blog challenges for a while as I was busy with Inkspill and performing poetry.
        I always wanted to do NaNoWriMo and it seems a shame to waste the warm up camps by not doing the real thing.

        The blog is all about the writing and getting back into it – so the more I write the more I have to blog 😉
        Thanks for the kudos.

      • Glad to be of assistance, it’s great when you find blogs you like early in the journey. Good luck with yours – it is wonderful already for just a month of existence! 🙂

      • Sorry I meant yours – I know you said it was a week old – after I took a read and came back here I got confused and posted it was a month old not a week – even more impressed now. I started this Blog Jan 2013. It is my first time blogging – can’t believe I left it so long!

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