Axe-Wielding Space Weasels! A Few NaNoWriMo Tips


Today is the first day of NaNo and I am yet to put pen to paper. I logged on and saw many sites had shared my Nano posts (big thanks) and I like to wander through the other related articles. I have just read about 10 related blog posts and this one shone out as having incredibly useful tips for the Wrimo! So read it and keep these ideas in the back of your mind for when the jubilance of NaNoWriMo turns into a self inflicted hell!

Good luck with your Day 1 Writes!

Audrey Coulthurst

Hordes of writers near and far are stocking up on coffee and wine and are installing fresh padding on the walls of their writing caves for the month of November. National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is officially upon us. It’s time for a month of writing intense enough to wear one’s fingers to bloody stumps and the ingestion of enough caffeine to create a violent eye twitch that will linger well into December.

The goal is to write a 50,000-word novel in thirty days.

Every November seems so fresh and new to me that sometimes I forget my veteran status. This will be my ninth year as a participant. Now that I’ve been around the 50,000-word block a few times, I’d like to share some survival tips I’ve accumulated over the years.

  • Don’t edit. I’m serious. Don’t even edit the last two sentences you wrote at the end of your previous…

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