Review of October


Well as the tagline of the blog states… this is the month I found an edge and JUMPED.

I have spent the whole year learning about the art of writing and the world of publishing which has changed since I last put pen to paper. It wasn’t until the summer that I had an epiphany and realised that I need to start back at the roots I knew … poetry. 1 denver library

I have submitted lots of writing this year and the only publishing success was a poem. Poetry is what I know and it is also what I can write.

From this point the month of October has really taken off!

I have performed poetry (for the 1st time in 15 years) at Leamington, at an open mic organised by Julie Boden (Poet Laureate), at Stratford-Upon-Avon, at the launch of Emmapress Anthology of Mildly Erotic Poetry, in Birmingham at the Ort Café and the University of Birmingham – Phenomenal Women – an event organised by Poet Laureate Jan Watts and most recently for Halloween in Worcester at Drummond 42.

1 scottish poet

I started off nervously approaching the microphone and feeling really nervous inside and ended up with confidence. I flew right off that edge and now I am soaring on the highs of returning to a place where my spirit belongs.

I have gained a lot of experience on ‘how to perform’ from watching some very talented professionals during the Birmingham Literature Festival and I discovered how small the poetry world is. blf logo

I have already booked up several events in November including 2 more open mic nights, a workshop, a show and a Stanza meeting. I do not plan to head backwards on this one, just forwards, forwards, forwards.

I can tell that the cogs are now turning in the right direction because everything is falling into place.

The Literature Festival was amazing. I posted lots about it – just use the categories tab and search under Literature Festival and read all about it. lit5

AWF Banner

The blog continues to go from strength to strength and as far as visitors and statistics go Inkspill writing retreat was very successful. I hope people have found it useful.

I also discovered Hays World Summit (the 1st one), I caught it just in time to watch many videos by speakers & learnt some useful meditation exercises. relax

It has been a superb start to the Autumn.

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