NaNoWriMo – The Posts Begin!



I can finally access the Nano site after some maintenance issues last night. It was the first thing I did this morning from the comfort of my bed (first lie in for ages!) I cannot wait…. well I hardly have to…. it starts tomorrow – so no countdown posts this time.

  • I started blogging this year.
  • I started writing again this year – after at least 6 years not writing!
  • I found out about NaNoWriMo in February and after a little research was gutted that I had to wait until Autumn…

and then…

  • I found out about the camps.
  • I joined the Spring Camp NaNo and ‘won’ with 53000 words.
  • I joined the Summer Camp and ‘won’ with 35000 words.

(I have just seen the pattern of reversal 35 and 53)

and now I am delighted to do my first NaNoWriMo.

And now the adventure begins…

Trouble is….

I have no idea, no plot, no story, no plan, no prepared October manuscript (I was a tad busy starting back to work, performing poetry and preparing and running the Inkspill Writing Retreat – designed to get you in the mood for NaNo.)

Watch this spaceNaNoWriMoFINAL

I have picked up a great word count – I wanted to display it in the widgets area… I am struggling to get it working/ showing.

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      • That’s excellent. I could never focus for long enough to write it in one month. I need to do other stuff to give me inspiration.

      • I have found that other than poetry (which I am always trying to write so I can perform different sets) I have struggled to get any prose done since the summer. I hope the restriction and challenge of NaNo (like having a boss again) will kick me into completing some ideas and getting part way towards a finished product – all be it a totally rough, unedited one. I will still be working on other writing projects too if I have time.
        Real work is fairly booked up but there are only a few social events penned in for November – although mid-November is already crazy! An open mic, a Stanza meeting, a Workshop and performance of poetry (audience this time!) all in the space of 3 days!

        I can see the coffee spoons getting bigger!

      • WOW!! Three days of rushing around and throwing a schedule and deadlines out the window LOL. Although I am writing something offline at the moment, it is something that I want to take my time over to get it right, and I need to do a lot of research into it as well

      • That is one of the many reasons people choose to avoid NaNo – the editing afterwards is a nightmare! But it does free you up in as far as it creates writing time.
        Sounds like an interesting project. I fear even writing these 50000 words will involve some research – especially as the idea was only realised this evening!

        I will work around the deadlines by writing more when I can and throwing down just a few 100 words during busy days. The commitments I have won’t take a whole day, even if I have worked all day before hand, there is usually some time I can squeeze in before I go out. The TV license may as well get refunded though – that will be the thing I don’t have time for!

      • Not that the TV licence is worth anything anyway. I don’t think I have watched BBC for a while, and I think the only item on the cards to watch in the next few months are the two Dr Who episodes.

        I will say that my project has something to do with some of the Photo Fiction I have been doing over the past year. It’s fun and I have to try to keep everything proper.

      • True – although being an ex-dancer I am a fan of Strictly. I have a magic recording TV though so each day/week I will record stuff I didn’t want to miss, Now I need to figure out how to get my shopping done before the first week of December so I have time before Christmas to watch all my catch up TV!

        Love the photo fiction challenges on many of the blogs I follow, not had much time to get a chance to do them since September… high hopes to manage a few in November!

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