Spooky Spectacular


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For the 2nd time this week I am back behind the mic. Tonight’s Spoken Word is Drummond 42 and it is a spooky spectacular.
I don’t tend to write scary stories or poems so I have found finding and writing my set challenging.

It is great to seek these challenges and new opportunities both as a poet and a performer.

The result is I have several poems that would never have been written.

I am feeling nervous – I usually post after the event.

Fingers crossed it will be as great as all the others!

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    • Thanks Al, it was a great night! Really enjoyed it – and my set went down really well, had some great feedback and got to meet a writer I did a workshop with, back in April who leant me a book about writing – the perfect companion to NaNo writing!

      • Mr G and myself are very happily in love so not looking for Sparks if that is what you meant – as far as creative sparks we are in different places, but good to have contacts who are writers and it was mighty generous of him to loan me the book on the trust that there would be another event at which I could return it. The world needs more people like that.

      • You don’t get many people like that. Unless he is one of these kind of people who saw how you “sparkled” and just knew you would be back as the bug grabbed a hold of you (different type of sparkle there hehe) How does Mr G cope with all this writing?

      • I am one of those rare people who actually return books after a loan – maybe he saw that in me. Mr G copes with ease and is very supportive, I often blog when he is busy with other things.
        I am much happier since I made a return into the world of writing – he is happy for me and I must be a much nicer person to live with now too!

      • HAHA I like that 🙂 You have a very supportive guy there. I loaned a book to a friend once. ten years later I decided to buy it again as I had been asking him for it for three years. Once I brought it again, I told him he could have the other one as a Christmas present hehe

      • I leant several books to a friend who never returned them – one had been a present and had a personal message in it for me. The 2nd one I hadn’t even read and it cost nearly £20 I spent 12 months asking for them back. In the end I contacted her via facebook, she deleted me! I wait for Karma to take hold and thank the fact that I have room for this year’s new books on the shelf!

      • It’s not good when people can be like that. I did lend someone else a book many years ago (1991ish) it was a Stephen King one about a Dragon, and she moved away without returning it. I never read that one either. The only people I tend to lend books to now is my kids and that’s because they live with me 😀

        If one was a present and had a message in it, then you would think that they would definitely return that one at least. I have four books with personal messages in. All from the authors 🙂

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