INKSPILL – Judging – Techniques and Ideas

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SUNDAY 27th October – DAY 3

AWF Privacy Judging yourself – Techniques and ideas.

This post is not necessarily about writing as a deeper searching activity. The whole idea of INKSPELL came from a wonder women weekend event that I cannot afford to attend.

You may find this an interesting activity – you could even apply it to characters in your writing – it will open your ideas up.


Make a list of some of the judgments you have about yourself, life, and other people.

Pick ones that you really believe.

Now read through your list several times and notice the sense you have of yourself as you do this.

Does holding these judgments give you a sense of yourself as someone in particular, someone who has a very definite perspective on life?

Do you feel more connected with others and with the world, or do you feel more separate and apart from the world?

Even if that separate sense of self feels superior because it has the right judgments, how big or open and relaxed is your sense of self when you have these judgments?

A list of questions from ‘Living from the Heart’

Living from the Heart

Copyright © 2008 by Daniel Erway (aka Nirmala)


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