INKSPILL – Open Discussion – Share your WRITING TIPS


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SATURDAY 26th October – DAY 2


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It is our hope that INKSPILL open discussions will generate a whole page of ideas. Please leave comments sharing your writing tips and discuss other tips posted.


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  1. Heyku ( an iPhone/iPad app) that limits words (3 lines, a total of 18 words). This little app has been a gift to me since I downloaded it and started using it at the end of August. Many ideas have come from little Heyku posts from the community.

  2. 750words is a website that is a personal journal that is on the same lines as Morning Pages (those 3 longhand pages first thing upon waking that I just mentioned). I am taking the 30 day challenge to write there at another time of the day. I figure it will be good to practice my typing as well as putting in another block of writing. I tested it out yesterday and ended up typing 1000 words…this is a BIG thing for a diehard paper and ink person such as myself!

    • I have also heard of, checked out and discovered 750words through other people’s blogs. Great to hear you managed so many words. I mix paper and ink and typing, fortunately thanks to playing the piano and many years on the internet I have learnt to type fast.

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