INKSPILL – Edit – Time to work on your own projects and HAVE LUNCH!


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SATURDAY 26th October – DAY 2

AWF Edit Time to work on your own writing projects.


As we draw closer to lunchtime the morning sessions are over for today. (If you have done them, if not – read them and treat yourself!) I will be posting later to answer questions about Freewriting and to leave some resources, links to other websites.

I hope you are enjoying your experience so far.


Take some time now to write on your own projects and don’t forget to leave a comment, let us know what writing projects you are working on.


Later this afternoon we have our first Inkspill Session (as requested by you) – these are fairly information heavy, I originally postponed yesterdays to today, however I think it may be best to extend INKSPILL instead and see you off after a late breakfast, final session and feedback on Monday.

I don’t want to post an unrealistic amount of material to the blog for those of you attempting the full INKSPILL experience in real time (or world -clock near enough) ….

So grab lunch, work on your own projects and I will see you back here later this afternoon.


Many thanks and happy writing!



Edit Spend any writing time on your own projects – let us know how you get on.

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