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FRIDAY 25th October – DAY 1

Inkspill tiny A welcome introduction to the weekend writing retreat.


Good morning and welcome to AWF’s Writing Retreat. I know you are going to enjoy this weekend. You have taken the first step. You have given yourself permission and you have logged in and arrived.

Simple RULES;
Please FOLLOW awritersfountain blog to take part in the weekend.
LIKE the post when you have read it.

I would appreciate this because I am offering you this weekend free of charge and hope that you will spread the word of the retreat to others. Also from a pure admin point if you LIKE each post after you read them I can see who’s taking part.

REMEMBER you can dip in, use the bits that are useful or fun (or both) to you. Or challenge yourself to absorb a writers’ life for an entire day, night or weekend.

You don’t have to make ALL your writing public (unless you wish to) you are more than welcome to leave links back to your work in the comments box or use pingbacks.

You now have to decide whether you are going to be a dipper or a participant – either way you are welcome. I have dedicated myself to the retreat as a facilitator, I vow to only write INKSPILL posts all weekend, other than visiting your blogs to share the experience I will not be present elsewhere in Blogland nor participate in the weekend challenges that I usually do. I am treating this as if I was away for a weekend on retreat (how we can dream of affording such things).

Of course I am not advocating that you should follow suit – having said that I would appreciate if you share your ideas and work with each other. (As writers on retreat).

WELCOME to a weekend of a range of stimulating activities and discussions. A place you are free to offer and receive feedback from fellow writers.

All images used in INKSPILL were originally sourced from Creative Commons images and are copyright free.

Adapted graphics 

© N. Lewis 2013

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