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FRIDAY 25th October – DAY 1

ticket1Ideas for writing everyday. (Participation for the 3 mornings of INKSPILL)

Good Morning Friday

Ideas for Writing Everyday

This is something I want you to start today and do tomorrow and Sunday before you log into Inkspill.

You may find it beneficial to continue this practise after the retreat, maybe for a week, or a fortnight, month or more. Early morning journaling is not a new idea and some of you may already do this.

Today is different, we are logged in… but the 1st task of Inkspill will be to free write – decide for yourself if you want 5 – 10- 15 or 20 minutes to do this, decide for yourself if you are going to set an alarm to interrupt the flow or if you are going to wing it. (As long as you do 5 minutes it will work). When I first learnt about the art of free writing (back in the 90’s) I was taught that if the thoughts go – keep the pen moving – doodle if you have to – just let the pen take you back into the writing.

Try to open your mind – this is why this activity is best done as soon as you wake up – whilst your head is still in that hazy half place between sleeping and waking.

Tomorrow you may even try this activity in bed!

This writing is JUST FOR YOU. You needn’t share any writing from journaling activities unless you want to. If you cant manage to do it first thing, do it in the first available moments you can snatch in the morning before you log onto the day’s programme.

I will ask you to do something with these morning scribbles at the end of the retreat (once again that can be kept personal and needn’t be shared.)

Remember this write wont be perfect – it is a free write no editing – just keep your pen moving forwards for 5 minutes or 10 or 15 to 20 minutes (you can build up the minutes over the weekend).

Just write anything.

If you truly are blank use these as starting points and let the writing take you;

  • Write down 5 sounds you can hear and something you associate with that sound, use all 5 or just pick one. Write.
  • Look around the room, find an object and describe it. What does it mean to you? Where is it from? Write.
  • Open your bedside book and pick a line, the first one you glance at. Copy it down and write.
  • If you don’t have a bedside book choose one of these lines from mine;

All this time she’d been breathing for him, or so she believed. It was dark in the living room when Gretel walked through.

(c) Alice Hoffmann (Local Girls –1999)

Often people what to know WHY? So here’s the point:

The morning free write is all about finding the beginning of your voice.

Remember don’t aim for brilliance… aim for free – it is amazing what writes out of your mind.

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  1. Might you have some resources (like websites or articles) that speak to the benefit of free writing in the morning? I hope my question is not too forward, but I find that if I try to do such an activity first thing in the morning, I struggle. Maybe it’s because what I am doing is not actually a “free write” but more of a “targeted write” 🙂

    I keep a prayer journal and write in it at night just before bed and right after I finish my Bible reading for the day. As NaNo gets closer, I also keep my idea notebook and my story notebook right next to the bed and get some writing done before going to sleep.

    As you know already, I usually do my writing for prompts near the start of my day if I can (I’m in California, so my ‘early’ is midday for you!)…

    I welcome your thoughts!

    • Sure. I have collated website resources for the in
      INKWELL sessions. I will add a post this morning
      With resources about free writing and benefits.

      I don’t mind at all…. It would happen on a real retreat
      and the best ones cater for the needs of those taking part.

      I can tell you that one of the reasons the first thing write works is because our minds are still in that lucid state in between waking and being awake and our sub conscious allows thoughts to drive out without censorship. The art of free writing itself is a practise that takes time. Initially if the thoughts don’t come, you should keep the pen moving, doodle if you have to, before another thought comes.

      Great to hear about all your bedside journals. Last year I started a psalm reflection journal… Some interesting writing came from that.
      You must have decent bedside units…. I currently use the computer chair and floor (still very much not moved in sorted!)
      Currently I have;
      Journal, 3 books on writing, a newspaper and on the floor- 3 writing magazines, a folder of poetry (I did a reading and an open mic this week, my current read and the alarm clock!

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