INKSPILL – Getting Started


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FRIDAY 25th October – DAY 1

Getting Started

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Let’s Get Started

You will need.

  • A Notebook (and pen)

Either treat yourself to a fresh one for the retreat and subsequent scribbles or use your current writing notebook – of course you have one!

  • Rule 1# Every writer should have a notebook
  • Rule 2 # You should keep it on you at all times and scribble any snippets of inspiration or overheard conversations and so on.
  • Access to this blog.

I would love you to FOLLOW if you are taking part in any part of this retreat – I am not charging you for the fun and I would appreciate and accept a follow as thank you gesture. Plus once you FOLLOW we will be in your feed and you will find out about similar events and opportunities in the future!

Your blog (to link us to time and time again!) Of course you may end up with some new followers too – there are so many wonderful blogs out there in Blogland and it is hard to find them all by yourself.

I have planned the programme so it has a natural flow, if you are dipping in and find that the post has a 2 part theme I will always leave you the relevant links to help you get the full picture.

If you are living with GMT you can literally enjoy the excitement of the sessions as they unfold, for others I would ask you to follow the retreat programme in sequence. You can always pretend the next post just appeared (if you are asked to leave the site and do something for 15 minutes – be good to your writer self and do it.) Pretend the rest of the programme isn’t on the blog – for people following in real time I am actively participating in the writing retreat exercises, if we are on a break- we are on a break!

Let’s get going!

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